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    Bahrain Food and Drink Report Q3 2010

    Bahrain Food and Drink Report Q3 2010 [:] Bahrain has moved into second position in BMIs regional Food & Drink Business Environment Ratingstable for Q309. A decline in crude oil prices coupled tera gold with a marked decline in private wow gold investment hasforced BMI to revise down the kingdoms GDP forecast to reflect a 0.55% contraction in 2009. AlthoughBahrain does not provide investors with the premiumisation potential of the UAE or the large markets ofEgypt or Saudi Arabia (Bahrain has a GDP per capita of US$25,628 and a population of 1.1mn), its mainattraction is its excellent regulatory environment, which is among the Middle Easts most liberal. Thekingdoms openness to foreign investment has attracted big name mass grocery retailers (MGRs) such asCarrefour and


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