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    How to Temper Chocolate

    How to Temper Chocolate [:] The most important consideration while tempering chocolate is to have control of the temperature of the melting chocolate. This is best accomplished with the use of a double boiler, a simple double boiler can be made by placing a bowl onto a pan, using about 1/2 inch or water in the bottom of the pan allows you to melt the chocolate. http://americaunderattackin2001.com/ Bring the water to a boil, if you are melting a small amount of chocolate you can remove the pan from the heat at this time and the heat from the water will melt the chocolate in the bowl. If you are melting a large quantity of chocolate, reduce the heat to simmer. Place the bowl of chocolate on top of the pan and stir with a silicone spatula until it melts. http://americaunderattackin2001


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