How to Temper Chocolate

9 Feb 2012

How to Temper Chocolate


The most important consideration
while tempering chocolate is to
have control of the temperature of
the melting chocolate. This is
best accomplished with the use of
a double boiler, a simple double
boiler can be made by placing a
bowl onto a pan, using about 1/2
inch or water in the bottom of the
pan allows you to melt the
Bring the water to a boil, if you
are melting a small amount of
chocolate you can remove the pan
from the heat at this time and the
heat from the water will melt the
chocolate in the bowl. If you are
melting a large quantity of
chocolate, reduce the heat to
simmer. Place the bowl of
chocolate on top of the pan and
stir with a silicone spatula until
it melts.
Removing the bowl from the pan
allows you to slow the heating
process and replacing it will
introduce more heat as needed.
A crystal structure forms when the
cocoa butter in chocolate is
melted and then cooled, returning
to a solid form. The structure wow gold it
takes on depends on the
temperature it was at when the
crystals were formed. Allowing
chocolate to cool on its own may
cause the crystals to be loose,
causing the chocolate to be dull,
soft, tera gold malleable and greasy to the
touch. It is better to maintain a
temperature of 88 degrees F
allowing the cocoa butter to form
a dense structure. Holding this
temperature while stirring allows
these crystals to form providing
seed crystals to form in the
chocolate. With enough of these
seeds when the chocolate is
finally allowed to cool it will
harden properly having a slight
sheen and snap when it is broken,
when stored properly at a cool
room temperature it will keep for
The seed method of tempering
chocolate swtor credits is the easiest, and
doesnt require a marble slab!
Because most of the chocolate now
available is tempered we can use a
piece of this to provide seed
crystals to temper our chocolate.
When the chocolate has reached a
temperature of 105 degrees F
remove it from the heat, add a
piece of un-melted chocolate to
provide the necessary seed
crystals. Stir until the
chocolate comes within the
tempering range, 88-90 degrees F;
maintain this temperature until
the chocolate is ready for use.
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