B12 Deficiency C Symptoms & Solutions

3 Feb 2012

B12 Deficiency C Symptoms & Solutions


The elderly, vegetarians and people with some specific illnesses can suffer from a Vitamin

B12 deficiency, and today many foods that form to make the average diet also have too low tera gold levels. Problems that can arise through

having a vitamin B12 intake that is not high enough include feeling weak, fatigued, paranoid

or mentally impaired as well as damaged nerves, pernicious anemia, delirium and CFS (Chronic

Fatigue Syndrome).

Certain studies have indicated that if your vitamin B12 levels are too low your homocysteine

levels will be elevated. Homocysteine is an amino acid that is thought to be responsible for

heart diseases, CFS and fibromyalgia. Alzheimer’s and depression have been linked to high

levels of the amino acid also. B12 is largely responsible for preventing these homocysteines

from getting out of hand and wow gold causing


Anywhere up to a quarter of the American population over eighty could possibly have this

deficiency. This is the belief of The Jack Miller Center for Peripheral Neuropathy at the

University of Chicago, who wow gold also teaches

their students that those who have strict vegetarian diets are commonly lacking in the

vitamin also. Although vegetables canbe a good source of B12 vitamins, their content is

lower so the amount needing to be consumed is much higher than for those who eat meats and

dairy. Vegetarians should definitely take supplements every day.

Studies conducted in America indicate that any buy wow

gold person who has a deficiency of B12 vitamin will be two times at least more likely to

get depression. Those who have sufficient levels were considerably less predisposed to it,

and reported feeling overall more calm and capable. This is due to the fact that B12 has

many important roles in maintaining brain health and manufacturing brain chemicals. For more

info see



Food that is rich in B12 should play a large role in your diet every day. These are foods

such as dairy, eggs, pork, organ meats, fish and beef, and if taken with a good B12

supplement, should resolve your problem or prevent you from developing one. Another solution

to a B12 deficiency is to have a B12 injection, which you can ask your doctor about.

Many people have a deficiency in vitamin B12 but think they are simply run down and

overworked. By taking a good B complex that covers all B vitamins and folic acid, you will

feel less stressed, have more energy and avoid the many health issues that come with not

getting enough through food. By keeping the B12 levels up, the homocysteine levels will stay

in check and you will lead a healthy, happy life free from the high risk of depression and

ill health.

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